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Meet PSIGEN A.I. Trading Bot

PSIGEN is the latest Artificial Intelligence Trading Bot aimed at revolutionising the process of cryptocurrency trading for users globally. Accessed through the Everus wallet, PSIGEN provides the ultimate solution for those who are new to trading to generate risk-free revenue without the need for any cryptocurrency knowledge.

Packed with a variety of user-friendly features such as 24-hour reporting and simple activation, PSIGEN is the first of its kind, providing Everus wallet holders with a passive income 24/7.

PSIGEN Unique Features

No Joining or Subscription Fees

No monthly, yearly or one time subscription fees required!

Fully Automated Trading

Automatically buys low & sells high with a minimum of 5% ratio to ensure profitable trading.

Trades on Global Exchanges

PSIGEN trades simultaneously on multiple exchanges to maximize your earnings.

Join Trading Packages with EVR

Deposit your Everus (EVR) tokens as your Trading Capital and choose from Trading Packages from USD$1,000 based on your choice.

You can always join more Trading Packages anytime.

Trading Capital is Free from Risk of Losses

Your Trading Capital is free from the risk of losses during trading.

Your Trading Capital withdrawal will be deposited into your Everus wallet following the same value in USD$ as when you joined.

However, if the crypto exchange rate depreciates, your withdrawal will be paid back as per the same amount in cryptocurrency as when you joined.*

Short Lock-In Period

You may withdraw from your Trading Package after completing a lock-in-period of
six (6) months from the date of joining, allowing sufficient time for PSIGEN A.I Bots to generate profit for you.*


Earn Bitcoin with PSIGEN Trading

Earn Bitcoin
Earn Bitcoin

PSIGEN Trading distributes earnings in Bitcoin (BTC) into your Everus Wallet, allowing you to earn Bitcoin automatically.

Refer your friends
Refer your friends & earn 25%*

Once you have successfully referred friends and they start trading using PSIGEN, you will earn 25% of their daily earnings from PSIGEN trading!*

Refer your friends
Safe and Secure

Your account is protected with two-step verification using Google Authenticator for joining PSIGEN Trading Packages.

*Terms & conditions apply

Start Trading Now with Packages from USD$1,000

Trade with PSIGEN within your Everus Wallet app,
earn Bitcoin as passive income.


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