The 1st A.I. Bot with
Risk Free Trading

Automate your trading and get autopilot
passive income

Meet PSIGEN A.I. Trading Bot

PSIGEN is the latest Artificial Intelligence Trading Bot set to revolutionise the process of generating passive income from cryptocurrency for users globally. Accessed through the Everus wallet, PSIGEN provides the ultimate solution for those who are new to cryptocurrency trading to generate risk free revenue without any market or trading knowledge. Packed with a variety of user-friendly features such as 24-hour reporting and simple activation, PSIGEN is the 1st of its kind, providing Everus wallet holders with passive income 24/7.

Providing Passive Income for Wallet Holders.


PSIGEN Unique Features

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No Joining or Subscription Fees

No monthly, yearly or one time subscription fee required! Plus you’ll receive 50% of total earnings from your trading.

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Crypto Trading Automation

Automatically buys low & sells high with a minimum of 5% ratio to ensure profitable trading.

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Trade in Multiple Exchanges

PSIGEN trades simultaneously on multiple exchanges by using the top 100 cryptocurrencies from one account to maximize your earnings.

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Trading Capital is Free from Risk of Losses

Deposit your Trading Capital with your preferred cryptocurrency

Choose from EVR, Bitcoin, Ethereum & Litecoin or use your earning points as your trading capital. More cryptocurrencies will be added soon and you can start trading using your earnings too!

Your Trading Capital is free from risk of losses during trading

PSIGEN offers "Risk Free" trading, generating a passive income for PSIGEN users. When withdrawing from your trading package, your Trading Capital will be deposited into your Everus wallet following the same value in USD$ as when you joined. However, if the crypto exchange rate depreciates, your withdrawal will be paid back as per the same value in cryptocurrency as when you joined.*

Select your Trading Packages

Simplify your trading with a variety of packages allowing you to select based on your own trading needs and budget.

Join more Trading Packages anytime.

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Withdraw Trade Capital

You may withdraw from your Trading Package after completing a maturity period of one hundred and twenty (120) days from the date of joining.*

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User-Friendly Dashboard

View your Trading Balance & Trading Total at a glance. Keep track of your Daily Earnings & Total Earnings with using the visual timeline.

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Safe and Secure

Highly secured Facial Recognition and Fingerprint Authentication log in features. 2FA security as an extra layer of protection for all transactions.


How to earn more without trading?

Sign up using
Referral Code

Sign up for your Everus wallet using a referral code and earn 1 point (joining bonus) = worth USD$1.00!

Refer your friends*

Earn 10% of your friends’ joining bonus after you have successfully referred them to sign up using Everus wallet app!

Earn more together
with your friends*

Once you have successfully referred friends and they start trading using PSIGEN, you will earn 8% from their total profits from PSIGEN trading.

For example: All of your 10 referees earn 500 earning points per day, you’ll earn 40 earning points equal to USD$40 per day.


Start Risk Free Trading now

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Trade with PSIGEN within the app

Join a Trading Package today using a variety of cryptocurrency options.

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Receive 50% from your A.I. Trading Earnings

Other than risk free trading & no subscription fees, you’ll receive net earnings as high as 50%.

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Manage your Earnings*

  • Utilise your earnings to Pay Bills.
  • Exchange into any supported cryptocurrency.
  • Join more PSIGEN Trading Packages.



Trading History

Trading History available for you with Full Transparency

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Trading History & Trading Value

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Daily, weekly or monthly view

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Profit updates

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Automatically update every 24 hours


Media Resources

PSIGEN A.I. Trading Bot

FAQ: Discontinuation of PSIGEN Service

Following our recent official announcement on 11th February, you have received an email from our Everus Team with information about the discontinuation of PSIGEN service in the Everus Wallet, which will be removed effectively from February 20th, 2019. To find out more about how the recent changes will affect users of PSIGEN, we have put together a list of frequently asked

[UPDATE] Discontinuation of PSIGEN Service

Dear Everus Users, Please be advised that the PSIGEN service will be removed and no longer be available to Everus wallet users effectively from February 20th, 2019. If you have an active PSIGEN trading package, your trading capital (in the form of cryptocurrency you joined with) will be transferred to your Everus wallet upon your withdrawal, and PSIGEN earnings will

4 Reasons You Should Use PSIGEN A.I Trading Bot

With the Top 10 Cryptocurrency Exchanges seeing an average of USD$11 Billion* in trade volume globally each day, it is apparent that the cryptocurrency market is a strong choice for those looking to profit from both short term and long term trades. Although the potential of big profits can be tempting for those less experienced or new to cryptocurrency trading,

The First A.I. Bot providing Passive Income

The development of digital assets in today’s world has fostered a significant increase in the trading of cryptocurrencies due to their cryptographic nature. Many professional traders in the industry have begun to leverage this implication as they become familiar with it; this rise evolved to include a more diverse type of investor, such as novices who are interested in getting


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