Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How do I join PSIGEN Trading Packages?

Sign in to your Everus Wallet to access PSIGEN via the user dashboard. Don’t have an Everus Wallet yet? Sign up now and access PSIGEN for free.

Download Everus Wallet from App Store or Play Store.

How much does it cost to use PSIGEN?
There are no joining fees or subscription fees required. PSIGEN trading is available to all registered Everus Wallet holders except users who reside in Malaysia until further notice.
Are the profits guaranteed under PSIGEN?
The cryptocurrency market is similar to conventional stock markets, in that there are no guarantees as to how much you can earn, however, due to the algorithms used by the PSIGEN Bot, your trading capital is risk-free from losses during trading.
How does PSIGEN generate profit?
PSIGEN trading bot automatically buys low & sells high with a minimum of 5% ratio to ensure profitable trading across a variety of leading global cryptocurrency exchanges.
What if I do not have any knowledge in cryptocurrency trading?
No prior knowledge is required to trade with PSIGEN, as our trading bot trades automatically for you and distributes earnings in Bitcoin (BTC) into your Everus Wallet.
What is the minimum amount to start trading with PSIGEN?
Available Trading Packages start from USD$1,000 in the form of five (5) choices of crypto token, you can always join more Trading Packages anytime
What cryptocurrencies are available to join PSIGEN trading?
You can deposit your EVR tokens as your trading capital to join any PSIGEN Trading Packages.
Where can I buy Everus (EVR) tokens?
You can buy EVR from any of the cryptocurrency exchanges that list Everus (EVR) for buying & selling.

Buy EVR with USD >

Buy EVR with EUR >

Buy EVR with RUB >

Buy EVR with BTC >

Buy EVR with ETH >


Buy EVR with USD >

Buy EVR with BTC >

Buy EVR with ETH >


Buy EVR with bank card >


Buy EVR with bank card >


Buy EVR with BCH >

How long does it take for my trading to be activated after I have selected and signed up for my trading package?
Within 24-48 hours from the activation.
Is there a lock-in period? How long does the PSIGEN trading last?
There is a lock-in period of six(6) months from the date of joining. However, you may withdraw earlier but you'll lose 10% of your trading capital in cryptocurrency. If you didn't withdraw your trading package, PSIGEN shall continuously trade using your capital.
How will my PSIGEN trading earnings appear in my wallet?
You can view your earnings in your Everus wallet easily. PSIGEN earnings are automatically distributed into your Everus wallet in the form of Bitcoin (BTC) at the current market value at the time of deposit. You will receive a notification in your wallet for your Bitcoin (BTC) earnings daily.
How to view PSIGEN daily earnings in percentage?
You can follow PSIGEN Social Medias to receive daily earnings in percentage in your NewsFeed.




Why do I have to enter Referral Code?
If your friend referred you to join PSIGEN Trading Package, you should enter his referral code so he will receive referral earnings. This referral earnings is an additional bonus for him, it won’t affect your earnings at all.
How can I refer my friends to join PSIGEN?
Go to “Invite” from the menu, you can copy & share your “Refer Friends Code” or click “Invite Now” to send messages to your friends using your preferred messaging apps. You can invite as many friends as you want!
How much do I earn from my referees’ earnings from their PSIGEN trading?
Once you have successfully referred friends and they start trading using PSIGEN, you will earn 25% of their daily earnings from PSIGEN trading.
If I withdraw my capital from PSIGEN trading, how soon will I receive the funds?

Your capital will be transferred into your Everus wallet in 2 working days after confirming your withdrawal request.

What happens if I Join/Withdraw my PSIGEN Trading package by mistake?

Should you decide to Join or Withdraw trading package with PSIGEN, you will need to “Confirm” to the terms and conditions on the pop-up screen. If you have made a mistake you can simply return back to the wallet dashboard. By selecting the “Confirm” button, you are agreeing to proceed with your Joining/Withdrawal of PSIGEN Trading Package.

How much of the capital would I get back if the value of EVR token appreciate/depreciate overtime?

When withdrawing from your trading package, your Trading Capital will be deposited into your Everus wallet following the same value in USD$ as when you joined.

If the EVR Crypto Exchange Rate appreciates or remained the same:

However, if the crypto exchange rate depreciates, your withdrawal will be paid back as per the same amount in cryptocurrency as when you joined.

If the EVR Crypto Exchange Rate depreciates:

* The examples above are for reference only, actual rate & amount may differs from time to time.

Should you have any further enquiry on PSIGEN, kindly do not hesitate to Live Chat with us on Telegram.

Last Updated : 3 Feb 2020