Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

PSIGEN is the latest in Artificial Intelligence Trading Bot aimed at revolutionising the process of trading amongst cryptocurrency investors globally. Accessed through the Everus wallet, the launch of PSIGEN provides the perfect platform for those who are new to cryptocurrency trading to generate risk free revenue without the need for any cryptocurrency trading knowledge.
Sign into your Everus Wallet to access PSIGEN via the user dashboard. Don’t have an Everus Wallet yet? Sign up now and access PSIGEN for free.
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PSIGEN Trading is available to all registered Everus Wallet holders except users who reside in Malaysia & United States of America from November 29, 2018 onwards until further notice. There are no joining fees or subscription fees required.
The cryptocurrency market is similar to the conventional stock market, in that there are no guarantees as to how much you can earn, however it is safe to trade.
PSIGEN is a total risk free automated trading platform to generate passive income for PSIGEN users.
PSIGEN operates in a manner aiming for profit by buying low and selling high in the cryptocurrency markets.
PSIGEN A.I. Bot automatically trades with the top 100 cryptocurrencies, pair with any potential cryptocurrencies in multiple exchanges to maximize your earnings. No prior knowledge is required to trade with PSIGEN.
Available trading packages start as low as USD$1,000 value of cryptocurrency up to USD$20,000 value of cryptocurrency.
You may choose from EVR, Bitcoin, Ethereum or Litecoin to join a trading package. You may join using your Everus Earnings too.
Depending on the amount of cryptocurrency available in your Everus wallet.
Within 24 hours from the activation.
There is a maturity period of one hundred and twenty (120) days from the date of joining. However, you may withdraw earlier but you’ll lose 20% of your trading capital in cryptocurrency. If you didn’t withdraw your trading package, PSIGEN shall continuously trades using your capital.
Earnings from the PSIGEN are allocated automatically in your Everus wallet in the form of earning points at the value of 1.00 earning point = USD$1.00.
All earnings will be reflected in your PSIGEN dashboard and it will be updated on daily basis, and your earning will be automatically added into the Everus Earnings section.

1. Exchange your earning points by converting them into any supported cryptocurrency.

2. Redeem your earning points to pay bills or top up mobile postpaid/prepaid.

3. Redeem your earning points to join PSIGEN Trading Package.

1. For the 1st redemption, you may redeem with a minimum of accumulated 30 earning points.

2. After your 1st redemption, a minimum of accumulated 5 earning points required to pay bills and a minimum of accumulated 30 earning points required to exchange into any supported cryptocurrency.

All earnings from PSIGEN are paid out in earning points to provide users with more options and freedom of choice on how to utilise your earnings. Earning points are accumulated together with other referral points collected and the trade earnings of your friends who you have successfully referred (Everus Rewards Program). With such accumulation, you'll be able to redeem and utilize your earnings freely.
Once you successfully refer friend(s) and they start trading using PSIGEN, you will earn 8% from their total profits from PSIGEN trading.
Your capital will be transferred into your Everus wallet within 48 hours. When withdrawing from your trading package, your Trading Capital will be deposited into your Everus wallet following the same value in USD$ as when you joined. However, if the crypto exchange rate depreciate, your withdrawal will be paid back following to the same cryptocurrency value when you joined.

Should you have any further enquiry on PSIGEN, kindly do not hesitate to contact us at

Last Updated : 29/11/2018